Escort Izmirli

What Is Tantric Touch Technique ?


Think of TTT as another modality for stress release, relaxation, and spiritual enhancements to reach higher vibrational states of awareness.  One of the purposes of TTT is for a person to feel an expanded state of consciousness or rather an awareness of the energy body which surrounds the physical body.  You may have heard of something called an aura or an astral body.  This is all part of the same energy body I am talking about here. During and after a session of TTT most people can actually feel this body in some way or another, even the most skeptic person will feel that they seem bigger or their body feels expanded in some way. Even though they can’t quite understand it yet.  This is one of the first steps in getting to know who you really are. You are not just a physical body.  We have many energy bodies surrounding us that we will get to know as we progress through spiritual awareness and evolution as a species.  We are all connected through this energy right back up to the creator.  Have you ever had a thought that did not seem like it was your own.  It probably wasn't. We are all connected to one another on a super conscious level and we pick up other peoples energy and thoughts all the time.  It is important for each of us to get to know what is our own and what is coming from the collective matrix of mankind.  It is only after this that we can fully grasp a higher consciousness level. 

TTT can assist in the beginning stages  and more advanced stages of self awareness leading one to higher states of consciousness.  
TTT incorporates light touching techniques over the entire unclothed body. Only the client is fully unclothed.  If the client is uncomfortable with this they can wear a bikini or other under garments of their choice.  Due to the nature of this technique a sheet over the body would inhibit the best results. The body needs to be exposed to allow the most sensitivity possible for the greatest feeling of your energy body.

The client is asked to put their attention on their breath and to feel the sensations of their body as the facilitator performs this technique.
TTT could be considered as a full body meditation technique.    People who enjoy receiving touch may find this modality very beneficial to reach heightened states awareness. 
During a TTT session the sexual centers are lightly passed over as part of the whole body experience of touch.  This is not to be confused with sexual gratification of any kind but to allow the process of the sexual or life force energies (Kundalini or chi) to move through the body for higher energy flow and experiences.